XiWrite Srl is an Italian, research consultancy, specialized in Telecommunications and Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology-Assisted Distance Learning.

In the current funding enviroment, much of the success of scientific research depends on skills for which scientists receive no training: proposal writing, project management, administration, "cross disciplinary meditation", exploitation planning. Xiwrite's mission is thus to provide universities, industry and government reserch organizations with the support services they need to manage complex collaborative research projects, allowing their scientific and technical staff to focus on research. More specifically:

Xiwrite consultancy: helps managers to draft winning research proposals; to manage multinational, multidisciplinary teams; and to liaise effectively with funding agencies.
Xiwrite value-added research: provides insight into the social, economic, business and ethical implications of the company's work.
Xiwrite writing services: guarantee a clear and effective presentation of research results.
XiWrite mentoring and training services: help research managers to develop new management, writing and presentation skills within their organization .