XiWrite Srl.. is always interested in hearing from talented translators and editors. Xiwrite employs translators and editors working predominantly with English and Italian language texts, though the company also translates and edits text in other European languages (e.g. French, German, Spanish).

Xiwrite employs only mother-tongue English translators and editors and will not consider applications from non-native speakers. The ideal candidate will have a deep knowledge of Italian and will be fluent in at least one other European language. Candidates may come from any disciplinary background but must have excellent academic qualifications and a broad cultural background. They will be widely read, love writing and be skilled users of the Microsoft Office suite.

Xiwrite uses the tests below to gauge candidates' specific abilities in their chosen field. To apply for a position as a translator or editor, first select the test(s) most relevant to your skills. The test(s) in question should then be revised and returned. The tests all take the form of a “free” translation or edit. In other words, the most important element of the test is that your completed document must read as if it was written by a native speaker of English. There are four tests currently available:


All candidates are invited to send their completed test(s), together with their CV, to: