XiWrite Srl. takes great care to protect the confidentiality of the documents and personal data it receives from its customers. Xiwrite will sign and adhere to any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements you require. We will use any information or documents you send us exclusively for the processing of your order and for the management of our accounts. If you explicitly give your consent we may, in the future, send you e-mail concerning the activities of Xiwrite. Under no circumstances will Xiwrite pass documents or personal information to other individuals or organizations. All documents submitted to Xiwrite or revised by Xiwrite are maintained in magnetic storage and CD backup archives. Access is restricted to Xiwrite employees. Outside editors working for Xiwrite have access exclusively to the specific documents on which they are working. At any time, you may request to see/modify/delete any information or documents you have submitted to Xiwrite. While we make every effort to protect our data, we realize that network security can never be complete. For this reason, all customer documents and information are encrypted using PGP public/private key encryption with 2048-bit keys. Where you require, correspondence will be encrypted using PGP. Click here to download the Xiwrite public key.