Writing and Traslation

Good science requires good scientific writing. Scientific and technical texts have to communicate complex ideas concisely and accurately. This is not easy - especially for authors who are not native speakers of English. Many manuscripts never reach publication precisely because they fail to effectively communicate key concepts and results. XiWrite provides its customers with professional technical writing, translation and editing. We help authors and companies to produce high quality papers, grant proposals, book chapters, theses, technical manuals, conference proceedings, software and websites. XiWrite can provide specialist writing, editing and translation services in a broad range of disciplines including anthropology, archaeology, biology, biotechnology, business administration, computer science and artificial intelligence, economics, ecology, ergonomics, genetics, history, linguistics, medicine, political science, psychology, sociology, telecommunications. Editing services are provided in English and in Italian. Xiwrite translation services support the following language combinations:
French, German, Italian, Spanish to English
English, French, German, Spanish to Italian